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Archery Services

Labor Fees      
Americas Best      
Platinum Set $160 + String Tune   2 year warranty
Premium Set $130 + String Tune   1 year warranty
Pursuit Set $100 + String Tune    
Trad. String $25    
Nock Set $5   Includes brass or tied sets
Brass Nock $0.50    
Center serving $29.99    
End loop serving $34.99    
  Purchased at HDO Customer Supplied  
String Tune $30 $65 Full service string set up, including deluxe tune
Bow Tune      
Safety check Free   General overall inspection of the bow
Bow check up $25   Check center shot, nock height, replace d-loop, wax strings & a safety check
Deluxe Tune $45   Bow check up + cam timing & lean adjustment, rest timing, peep rotation & sight axis adjustment
Paper Tune $60   Deluxe tune + Archery tech paper tune. 
Custom paper tune $80   Deluxe tune + Customer paper tune
Cam timing $20   Adjust the timing & lean of cams
D-Loop Install $4   Any color
Cam Swap $30   per cam
Limb Swap $45   Includes basic tune
Press Fee $10/$20   Depending on work required
Bow Tune Purchased at HDO Customer Supplied  
Deluxe Full Setup Free $75 Advanced bow and accessory setup
Basic Full Setup Free $40 Basic package bow setup
Accessory Installation Purchased at HDO Customer Supplied  
Quiver Install Free $5 Install quiver
Basic Rest Install Free $10 Install rest, set center shot
Rest install drop away Free $15 Install rest, set rest timing & center shot
Basic Sight Install Free $10 Bolt on and sight in basic sight
Deluxe Sight Install Free $15 Install sight set 2nd & 3rd axis & help set 20yd pin
El Paso Sight Install Free $15 Sight install + sighting out to 40yds
Smart Sight Install Free $50 Includes Garmin, Burris, Leuopold, and IQ
2nd & 3rd axis adjustment Free $15 Setting & adjusting the sights 2nd & 3rd axis
Peep install & set Free $10 Install, set & tie in peep
Range Fees      
Lane fee $6.00    
Paper Target $1.00    
Rental $15.00    
Lesson "By Appointment" $20/30 Min.    
Arrow Service Purchased at HDO Customer Supplied  
Arrow cut $0 $1 Each arrow
Nocks $0.89    
Basic Inserts $0.89    
Premium Inserts $0.89-$3.49    
Field Points $0.83   $10 per dozen
Fletching new shaft $1.75    
Re-Fletching $2.25   Strip, Clean, & Re-fletch
Feather Fletching $2.25    
Re-Fletching Feathers $2.75   Strip, Clean, & Re-fletch
Custom Fletching $3.00   4 Fletch, Custom Feathers, 


Birthday Parties

Need a new idea for birthday parties? Come down to High Desert Archery and rent out the indoor shooting range! We set up 3D targets and pull out our rental bows for everyone to shoot. Everybody gets set up correctly and given instruction as to how to shoot, then given the range to enjoy themselves! You can bring food, drinks, cakes, presents, etc. We have tables and chairs that we provide. It is $150 for up to 8 kids. And $8 per kid after that. Call and book your party today!

Only $150 plus tax!


*These prices do not include tax.