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Beaver Balls are the original string silencers and still can't be beaten for their ability to quieten your bowstring.

A must for the traditional shooter.

The Beaver Ball will outlast all rubber style silencers and will quieten the twang which is emitted from a bowstring, after the shot.

They hold up very well under all kinds of weather and are naturally waterproof so they don't need to be treated with chemicals.

Works as well, if not better than most other silencers out there.

Made from premium tanned beaver fur or hide, an all natural material, so Beaver Balls are environmentally green. They do a fantastic job of reducing the sound of your bowstring by between 50% to 75% more than other string silencers on the market.

They are extremely popular with traditional archers but today's modern compound bowhunters are also discovering just how great they perform on their bows. In fact Beaver Balls will work well on all types of bows.

Natural brown colour. Comes in a pack of two beaver balls.

  • Works better than most other silencers
  • Quietens twang emitted after the shot
  • Eliminates string vibration & super quiet
  • Made from premium northern beaver tanned hide
  • Strong, durable & long-lasting
  • Reduces sound by 50% to 75%
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Naturally water repellent, retains very little moisture
  • Resists matting due to rain
  • Reasonably priced & will outlast rubber silencers
  • Suits compounds, longbows & recurves
  • A must for traditionalists
  • Easy installation instructions included
  • Natural brown colour
  • One pair per pack
  • The original string silencers

Get a pack of Mountain Man Furs Beaver Ball string silencers today and your bow will be quieter.

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